Vanda: Cannabis and Depression

Ailment: Depression
Ingestion Method: CBD Oil

Bio: I’m Vanda, I’m 62 and I live in London, UK.

I’m Vanda and live in London. I suffered for 10 years with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and felt generally very low during the winter months, staying at home and not very cheerful or active. So a friend mine suggested that I try CBD oil because my type of self medication was to roll many joints having had all this free time being at home with depression. And I wanted to change.

I took a CBD Blend oil. I would take drops in the morning and it would be hours and hours until I wanted a joint. Eventually I stopped smoking weed all together. The first time in 44 years.

I did not take any other prescription medication. Last year I had a blood test, just a general examination from my GP and the nurse accidentally went into my veins which created shock to my system and as a result they called an ambulance and I had to spend 24 hours under observation.

From the first contact with the ambulance medics and all the way through the other examinations by specialist doctors, I kept having to state ‘which chronic diseases I was suffering from and which medication I was taking’ considering that I am 62 years old.

My answer was none. The ambulance medics and the three doctors were all surprised that was not using any medication. They asked how, so I told them that the only medicinal thing I put in my hand and mouth is cannabis. The reaction of each one of them was identical. They simply said, “well, the reason you are not on any medication is because by taking cannabis, you take all the stress away and you save your organs and your health. That is why you don’t have chronic diseases.”

What I was really surprised about, was the similarity of all the comments, knowing that five or ten years ago, none of these doctors would have acknowledged that as a fact. And I was very pleased that they did.

I had two major benefits from taking CBD oil. Firstly I have not had seasonal depression since I started taking the oil and secondly, I stopped smoking cannabis all together. And I feel better and better every day.

I’m not even fidgety any more; I have almost more energy than I would like. I’m a granny, I should slow down, but I’m full of life!

I have since done some research about our endocannabinoid system and whilst I have no proof, it feels to me like I had a life long cannabinoid deficiency which is why I always wanted to smoke cannabis. However, since taking a quality CBD oil, my desire for cannabis is simply no longer there.