Young Girl’s Leukemia in Remission 6 Days After Starting Cannabis Oil Treatment

Mykayla Comstock was just 7 when she was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukeamia.

After suffering from countless symptoms including fevers, night sweats, coughing and body aches, a trip to the doctors confirmed Mykala’s parents worst fears.

Nearly 3 years to the day after her initial diagnoses, young Mykayla is in remission. Her mother Erin credits cannabis oil for her daughter’s recovery.

After countless treatments had failed to improve the young girls health, Erin decided to take matters into her own hands, and purchased cannabis oil. Mykayla started ingesting the oil in pill form and in brownies baked with cannabutter.

Astoundingly, after just 6 days of using cannabis oil, Mykayla was told by the doctors that her leukaemia was subsiding and she is now in remission.

Doctors treating Mykayla refused to comment on whether cannabis oil is the direct cause of the recovery. However, at the very least, the oil gave some relief to the 10-year-old’s constant pain.

The FDA has still not approved cannabis oil as a treatment for leukaemia or cancer.

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