Barbara: Spastic Colitis and CBD Oil

Ingestion Method: CBD Oil under the tongue

Bio: I am an oncology massage therapist and founder of Brighton Wellbeing, a natural health clinic based in Brighton, UK, which adopts an integrated healthcare approach to health.

I was born with spastic colitis and I have been suffering from systemic candida for at least 12 years. Candida has produced many side effects in my body (uterine fibroid), my mind (anxiety, mood swings, worries, chattering mind, fogginess, lack of focus) and my spirit (lack of self-esteem and self-confidence). Nevertheless I have been functioning all the way, achieving a lot in life but struggling along, looking for the tiger around the corner all the time.

I know that I needed something which would tackle my being on a cellular level to help me regulate all the systems in the body and return to a state of joy, health and contentment. I am now using CBD Oil.

The only side effect is a change in my bowel movements. I feel a bit constipated, but it may be due to the fact that I need to detox and expel all the toxins that surely are circulating now that my immune system is becoming stronger and is destroying unwanted bacteria, fungi and microbes.

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