Carita: CBD Oil and Cancer

Ailment: Cancer
Ingestion Method: CBD Oil under the tongue

Bio:A Swedish woman who used CBD Oil in the treatment of her Cancer.

It began with being diagnosed with breast cancer, then thyroid cancer, and it progressed to brain metastases. I had a total of 22 operations. In my second to last surgery I had two pieces of large brain tumours removed by emergency surgery which took about 9 hours.

After a few months, I started to feel bad again – really bad. I could not walk without help, my speech was slurred and I had vertigo again, and received chemotherapy. I was terribly sick from the chemo, as well as cramps in the body, so I was admitted again and received another chemotherapy. I came home after a week, but did not feel good in my body at all. Several times my boyfriend found me lying on the floor, I could not move, I had bad cramps in the body and the hospital sent me to Stockholm to receive a gamma knife radiation which I never did before, it was super terrible.

Then they drilled down a position in the head to measure out exactly where the tumors sat with longitude and latitude. That’s how I found out I had 21 pieces of brain tumors, and they could not gamma knife beam me because there were too many. The doctor said you can go home. I went home and my doctor and I talked. The doctor said that I had only 2-4 years left to live, and that all they could do was give me chemo until everything is over.

Whilst in hospital for another set of chemo, because I got a death sentence, they sent a psychologist round. The psychologist said: “Carita, you must learn to live with death approaching”. I told him to immediately leave the room, it was not something I needed to hear. A few days later, I sat at the computer and wrote on Facebook about my story. Someone got in touch with me and they suggested that I take cannabis oil. I googled trying to find out as much information as possible, but I had a problem, I did not know if I dared to take it up with the doctor. I did not want to do anything behind the back of my doctor.

Eventually I told the doctor that I would try the oil, and asked them to continue my chemotherapy treatment.

I tried to find a reputable seller abroad, but found that it was incredibly difficult and many were dishonest, they just wanted the money. After a lot of fuss, I found a doctor in Germany who could speak fluent Swedish. I phoned him and asked him if I was really on the right path with taking CBD oil. He replied: “You are on the right path” and told me how I should take it. I felt safe with the news.

My partner went to the Netherlands, and we ordered a few bottles of oil.

In the beginning I ordered a CBD oil from Holland. It contained only 2% of the CBD. I wanted to have one a bit stronger, and even with a bit of THC in it, but that is not permitted in Sweden. I wrote to my friend and she said that there is a place in England that has a strong CBD based oil. Since July 2015 I have ordered a CBD oil from England.

I started taking a 12% CBD extract oil in July 2015. It’s a full spectrum extract so it contains much more goodness than just CBD.

I have not experienced any side effects of the CBD oil. The only thing is that I gained a little weight. I have felt extremely well with CBD oil in comparison to how I felt before. I was barely able to walk by myself and was so helpless – it was tough.

Overall, I feel super good in my body and for the first time, have a lot of goals in front of me . Everything can be changed, and I might get the tumours back, but as it is now – no brain tumours at all left , so it is healed. I feel amazing !!!!!!!!!!! And I’m just soooo relieved. I will probably never dare to stop taking the CBD oil, it gives my body so much energy , and I believe it helps me to keep cancer away.

Many in the hospital were against me when I said I would take CBD oil, but many were also with me and supported me.

In Sweden, it is illegal to take THC, but CBD is permitted. When I was sent oil from the Netherlands with 0.15% THC, customs seized the oil and interrogated me. When they found out why I took the oil, they wished me good luck, but kept all the oil from me that I had ordered. They had never heard that one can take cannabis oil against cancer. But I had all the papers from the hospital, so they saw that it was true, everything I said. So I am a little afraid to take the THC again, even though I know I could use a bit of THC.

This is my story. I hope it will help others.

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