British Mother “made to feel like criminal” after giving daughter Cannabis Oil

A Birmingham based mother reveals she felt like a criminal after giving her 3-year-old cannabis oil for her epilepsy.

Louise Bostock’s daughter Jayla has brain damage and a severe form of epilepsy. After taking Jayla to hospital for a regular check-up and revealing to her doctor that she had given her daughter cannabis oil, Bostock was told that she would not be allowed to return home with her child.

Jayla was kept in hospital for 5 days with no medical reason for her being there. The hospital staff noted the police and council who attended a safeguarding meeting to ensure the child’s welfare.

Bostock explained her devastation of the situation after stating that cannabis oil allowed her daughter to smile for the first time ever;

It’s been an absolute nightmare. Completely heartbreaking in every way. I was made to feel like a criminal just for trying to do the best by my daughter. Since having the oil, Jayla’s quality of life has completely changed. Usually, she is comatose and sleeps all day. But she has actually started to eat properly and now watches TV with a smile on her face. I heard her laugh out loud for the first time – can you imagine? But I was told that she had to stay in hospital and that police would be called if I didn’t comply. I didn’t understand it. There was even talk of my kids being taken away from me because I was trying to help Jayla. I was essentially being punished for trying to save my daughter’s life.

After being permitted to return home with her child, Bostock is now fighting for a cannabis oil prescription for Jayla, in the hope that her daughter can lead a seizure free life.

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