U.S Army Veteran Faces Life in Prison for using Medical Cannabis

A U.S Army veteran is facing life in prison after using medical cannabis to combat his severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Kristoffer Lewandowski of Oklahoma has served 3 tours with in Afghanistan and Iraq with the US Marine Corps and was honourably and medically discharged in early 2014. After being prescribed 13 different medications by his doctors and noticing no improvement in his well being and serious liver issues, Lewandowski decided to grow 6 cannabis plants in his garden in the hope that medical marijuana may help his severe illness.

After suffering a major PTSD episode in 2014, Lewandowski’s wife called the emergency service. When Police arrived at the family home, they discovered the 6 plants growing in his garden and arrested the veteran and removed his children from the premises. Despite the combined weight of the cannabis not totalling a single ounce, Oklahoma laws on cultivation carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

A long legal battle ensued, and after the Lewandowski family managed to raise the bail funds needed to release Kristoffer, they moved to California, where the PTSD sufferer could be legally prescribed medical cannabis.

However, after accidentally missing a court date while in the care of a Veterans Administration psychiatric hospital, Lewandowski was re-arrested and is currently waiting extradition back to Oklahoma where he faces life in prison.

Unable to see his children and suffering without his medical cannabis, Lewandowski is now searching for proper legal defence and has set up a GoFundMe page to help with the costs of this.

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