Cardiff Cannabis March: Global Cannabis Day

Hundreds marched for cannabis legalisation in Cardiff on Global Cannabis Day

  • Hundreds of cannabis activists and medicinal patients marched through the streets of Cardiff yesterday
  • 6 May marks Global Cannabis Day, providing protestors the perfect opportunity to make their voice heard en masse
  • Speakers will include the head of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs, Greg de Hoedt, and the heroic Carrie Blackwell, the mother of “The Boy in 7 Billion”

“Since the global rally for cannabis began, 100,000s of people have attended in over 829 cities in 72 different countries.”

Cardiff’s Cannabis Social Club is hosted its 7th annual Cannabis March on Global Cannabis Day.

Hundreds of pro-cannabis activists marched through the city centre, rallying against the unjust prohibition of cannabis both for medicinal and recreational use.

The march set off from Cardiff’s Cathays Park at one pm. The procession of cannabis protestors will ended up in Hamadryad Park, where speeches from well-known activists and politicians took place.

Ahead of the march, we spoke to one of the event’s organisers, Jannette Clements.

Jannette told us that one of the main reasons for the march was to try and bring a real change in the way the UK views cannabis: “Well, the purpose of the Global Cannabis March this year is to highlight the need for Spanish-style clubs and associations.

“We’re also marching for the Right2Grow, in Cardiff, in Wales and across the UK, as this is a much safer alternative, in every way for cannabis consumers and the rest of society, than the black-market situation which currently exists under UK drug laws.”

One of the main roadblocks to cannabis legalisation seems to be a negative public perception surrounding the medicinal herb, something Jannette hopes the march could change: “Public perception matters enormously.

“There is a lot of prejudice when it comes to cannabis and cannabis consumers, and a lot of misinformation which has been used to mis-educate society.

“We want people to understand that there is nothing to fear about cannabis, that it is not a gateway drug, it is just a very useful plant.  We would like cannabis to be accepted and normalised in society as part of everyday life, just as alcohol, coffee and tobacco are.”

Another woman who has been campaigning tirelessly to change public perception about the medicinal benefits of cannabis is Callie Blackwell. After cannabis saved her son, the heroic mother has been on a tour of the UK , even popping up at Manchester’s 420 event to give a speech.

Callie joined a range of speakers on the day to try and reach out the public, whom we need on our side if we are going to move forward with legalisation.

The full set of speakers were:

Jeff Ditchfield from Bud Buddies

  • 3.20: Pippa Bartolotti, from the Welsh Green Party
  • 3.40: United Patients Allaince (Chris & Bea)
  • 4.00: Jeff Ditchfield (Bud Buddies UK)
  • 4.30: Callie Blackwell
  • 4.45: Bristol CSC
  • 4.55: Greg de Hoedt (UKCSC President)
  • 5.05: Cardiff CSC

Callie has certainly proved a popular figure of late, with Jannette billing her as one of the biggest highlights of the day: “I think what Callie Blackwell, author of ‘The boy in 7 billion’, will talk about, along with the legendary Jeff Ditchfield of Bud Buddies, will be very interesting

“But, I’m looking forward to hearing all our guest speakers, as they are influential in the cannabis community and all have valid points to make, and give a lot of strength to our cause.” 

The Global Cannabis March actually started all the way back in 1999, under the name Global Marijuana March (GMM). Each year the march moves location, with Cardiff chosen this year. Since the global rally for cannabis began, 100,000s of people have attended in over 829 cities in 72 different countries. No pressure then!

Jannette explained why Cardiff is a great location for the event: “Cardiff is historically an open minded, all embracing city, with many mixed cultures going back generations, so I hope local people will be curious and hopefully take the time to listen to our speakers and learn a little more than they know already.

“Thanks to some very notable activists, and a ton of scientific and medical research that has been done in recent years, cannabis is becoming well known for its benefits.  People are becoming more aware, and are beginning to question the laws on cannabis here in the UK.”