Conservatives will Refuse to Legalise Cannabis, Despite Medical Evidence

Theresa May just confirmed that the Conservatives will refuse to legalise cannabis, despite medical evidence

  • Theresa May announced she will not support cannabis law reform during a Facebook Live event
  • The leader of the Conservative Party claimed she opposes legalisation due to the “gateway theory” and the pseudo-link to mental illness

Theresa May has just made the General Election a very easy decision for cannabis users in the UK. In an attempt to win over voters ahead of the election, the current Prime Minister went on a live Facebook Q&A hosted by ITV News to discuss her view on issues affecting the public. When asked a question by ‘Emma’ on cannabis legalisation, Ms May explained why she would refuse to even consider relaxing the laws surrounding the medicinal plant.

Robert Peston, the host of the Q&A, put the question from Emma to the PM: “Emma wants to know why you can’t support cannabis legalisation?

“She says it’s the only thing that helps her debilitating anxiety, but she has to be a criminal to get the only thing that helps her.”

Surely our head of State, whose sole job is to represent us and put our best interest first, would respond compassionately to a distressed citizen?

Rather than address the issue directly or discuss the plethora of medical research which confirms the bounty of ways in which cannabis can be used medicinally, the PM refused to commit to law reform.

Instead, the PM insulted the intelligence of the nation, and the concerned citizen who posed the question, by using out-dated theories from the “Reefa Madness” era to defend her totalitarian position:

“The reason I don’t believe in making cannabis use legal is because of the impact I see it having on too many people in terms of the drug use.

“What we’ve seen is stronger forms now being used – I think it can have a real impact on people in terms of their mental health.

“But it can also of course lead to people going on to harder drugs.”

“There’s a wonderful woman in my constituency, Elizabeth Burton Phillips who runs something called DrugFAM, which supports families.

“One of her twin sons – they both started on cannabis when they were at school and went on to heroin and one of her twin sons committed suicide. This has a huge impact on families.”

The gate-way drug theory has been proved to be wrong for a long time now. Does the fact that someone who wants to be head of the UK refuses to accept scientific fact not prove that we must remove her from any position of authority? You wouldn’t want a teacher who believes 2+2 = 7 in charge of your child’s math department, so why should the same not apply for the way our country is governed?

The PM even acknowledged that there is significant research disproving the lies she just peddled on national media: “There have obviously been some studies into the use of cannabis or derivatives for medical use,” she said.

We need to relax the laws surrounding cannabis research in the UK, or our knowledge of the plant will never expand. If we cannot expand our medical knowledge due to a law, then are we not putting our most vulnerable members of society at risk of serious harm?

The leader of the Conservatives made this General Election very easy for anyone who cares about cannabis legalisation, or indeed, for anyone who is compassionate about ending human suffering.

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