Lidl brings Cannabidiol (CBD) products to its Swiss stores

By | May 1st, 2018|Categories: CBD, Hemp, News, Switzerland|

Lidl is adding two Cannabidiol (CBD) products to its Swiss stores Hemp flowers and pre-rolled CBD cigarettes will be on offer to Swiss customers Local Swiss company “The Botanicals” will supply the CBD products Popular German supermarket Lidl has launched a range of Cannabidiol (CBD) products in its Swiss stores. Teaming up with [...]

Supermarkets in Switzerland start selling CBD cigarettes

By | August 18th, 2017|Categories: Anxiety, Cannabis, CBD, E-Cigs, Hemp, News|

Swiss tobacco company launches world’s first legal cannabis-tobacco cigarette product Cannabis was decriminalized in Switzerland in 2012 Around 500,000 people consume cannabis in Switzerland per year Annual sales of legal cannabis reach around 100 million francs Could this be the future of CBD products?   The world’s first legal “tobacco-hemp cigarettes” have gone [...]

Understanding Cannabis Terminology: Industrial Hemp and Oils

By | June 18th, 2015|Categories: Hemp|

As a chemist and medical doctor I found the lack of proper nomenclature to be a hindrance in defining how cannabis preparations can help treat medical disorders. For the consumer, it’s very important to know and understand what these terms indicate. The most compelling reason is that many patients seeking medical applications for their particular [...]

First ‘Cannabis Pharmacy’ opens in the U.K.

By | May 27th, 2015|Categories: Hemp|

A Czech entrepreneur has opened the first ever cannabis pharmacy in London, in a groundbreaking move for the country. Michael Takac has opened Carun in Twickenham, which will sell hemp based products that are exclusive to the pharmacy. After losing three of his fingers in an accident nearly a decade ago, Takac started using hemp [...]