Hero English Mother Treats Son’s Cancer with Cannabis – The Story of “The Boy in 7 Billion”

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Hero English mother, Callie Blackwell, appears on ITV to tell nation how cannabis helped her son dying from cancer Deryn Blackwell was suffering from a rare form of cancer Langerhans Cell Sarcoma Callie, Deryn’s brave mother, turned to cannabis after he was given three days to live The young man has made [...]

The Story of Landon Riddle: Treating Leukaemia with Cannabis Oil

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This is the courageous story of little Landon Riddle who unknowingly is at ground zero in a controversial dilemma between health freedom and medical tyranny. This case highlights the rigors and difficulties encountered should responsible parents wish to treat their children using unconventional approaches. In this case, tyranny takes the form of forced chemotherapy. It’s [...]

Young Girl’s Leukemia in Remission 6 Days After Starting Cannabis Oil Treatment

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Young Girl's Leukemia in Remission Mykayla Comstock was just 7 when she was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukeamia. After suffering from countless symptoms including fevers, night sweats, coughing and body aches, a trip to the doctors confirmed Mykala's parents worst fears. Nearly 3 years to the day after her initial diagnoses, young Mykayla is [...]