Australia launches world’s first clinical trial for CBD toothpaste and mouthwash

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Roll up, roll up, come and get your CBD… toothpaste? In 2019 it is becoming almost impossible to avoid the barrage of CBD-infused products lining shops along the high street. Impression Healthcare is taking the CBD industry to its next logical conclusion: infusing CBD into our oral hygiene routine. Impression has announced it [...]

Scotland could be getting its first legal cannabis farm

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Plans to open Scotland’s first legal cannabis farm have been announced. Australian firm LeafCann has opened a discussion with North Ayrshire Council about opening a potential farm in Irvine. A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council offered a coy statement about the potential of hosting Scotland’s first legal cannabis farm “We are aware of [...]

Cannabis & Driving – Canadian CEO claims cannabis is the “leading cause of fatalities on roadways”

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Andrew Murie, CEO of MADD, claimed cannabis is the main cause of death on Canadian roadways Evidence suggests there is no validity to this claim Edmonton Police reported less than 100 incidents involving cannabis-impaired drivers in 2018 The CEO of a non-profit anti-drink driving organisation caused outrage last week, claiming cannabis was the main [...]

Australian father pushed into the black market for medical cannabis to help epileptic daughter

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Katelyn Lambert used to suffer seizures lasting hours Her father refused to watch her suffer, turning to the black market for medical cannabis Katelyn now only suffers one seizure a year on average 3,000 medical cannabis prescriptions were approved by the Australian Government between March 2018 - January 2019 Estimates suggest over 100,000 [...]

Alzheimer’s Research UK donates £300,000 to fund medical cannabis trial

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Dementia affects around 850,000 people in the UK Alzheimer’s Research UK has donated £300,000 to fund a clinical trial looking into the effectiveness of cannabis at treating Alzheimer’s Sativex will be the cannabinoid-based medication used in the trial Currently, Sativex is only licensed in the UK to treat MS Alzheimer’s Research UK has [...]

New study shows tougher laws on cannabis do not prevent use among youths

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Researchers have found that tough laws on cannabis do not prevent youth use Over 100,000 teens’ use of cannabis were analysed If prohibition is failing, is it time for the British Government to legalise cannabis across the board? A new study has found new evidence supporting the argument against cannabis prohibition. One of [...]

Experts slam new anti-cannabis book as “flawed pop science”

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“Tell Your Children” is a controversial book claiming cannabis causes violence and psychosis 75 medical and academic experts have penned an open letter criticising the author One of the experts was actually used as a source in the book 76% of the British public would be open to consuming cannabis as a medicine [...]

Exclusive: Meet the Brazilian who legally provides 1000s of children with medical cannabis

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The ABRACE Foundation (Associação Brasileira de Apoio Cannabis Esperança) in Brazil supplies over 1000 patients with medical cannabis every day. In 2016, the foundation was given legal permission to continue producing, extracting and providing medical cannabis. This “medical cannabis” is not GMP certified and has not been produced by GW, Tilray or any [...]

European Parliament votes on resolution calling for wider legalisation of medical cannabis

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MEPs have voted to pass a resolution which will help advance medical cannabis in the EU It focuses primarily on increasing scientific research on cannabis in EU countries The resolution is non-binding An early Valentines present for medical cannabis patients across the EU came today, as the EU voted to pass a key [...]

School nurses in Colorado can now treat students with medical cannabis

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Bill HB18-1286 will allow nurses to give children at school medical cannabis Children will require a note from their parents and school principal Previously parents were allowed to come into schools to administer medication Medicines must be non-smokable Colorado has taken another step forward in improving healthcare for medical cannabis patients. A new [...]