Australian researchers launch study to test cannabis as potential treatment for brain cancer

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Leading Australian researchers hope to find a treatment for Glioblastoma (GBM) using medical cannabis rather than chemo or surgery GBM is the most common type of malignant brain tumour in the UK 82 participants will be given a daily dose of high THC cannabis oil over a 3 month period A leading Australian [...]

Top Ten Terpenes and their potential medicinal properties

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Terpenes are the chemicals which give all plants their smell and taste Terpenes, like cannabinoids, have shown potential therapeutic properties Here are our Top Ten Terpenes and the potential uses they may have in health care Medical cannabis made national headlines in the UK last year. A lot of focus in the media [...]

World’s largest pharmaceutical cannabis producer moving to UK in 2019

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Pharmaceutical company Canopy Growth is world’s largest producer of medical cannabis products Canopy is hoping to conduct its first clinical trial in Britain mid-2019 Alcohol manufactures have invested heavily in Canopy Canopy Growth, the world’s largest cannabis company is investing heavily in the emerging British medical cannabis market. The move to Britain comes [...]

“Massive upsurge” in parents demanding access to medical cannabis for epileptic children

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Over 500,000 people in the UK have epilepsy 20,000 of those are children who don’t respond to pharmaceutical medication Demand for access to medical cannabis containing THC is rising, but leading doctors claim “not enough evidence” it works Despite cannabis being legalised for medical purposes in the UK on Nov 1, parents of [...]

Hemp legalised in America after Trump signs 2018 Farm Bill into law

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The 2018 Farm Bill passed the US Senate by an 87-to-13 margin and the House by a 369-to-47 margin. Growing and producing hemp will now be federally legal, easier and cheaper to grow The Farm Bill removes hemp-derived products (AKA CBD) from Schedule I status CBD produced from cannabis (higher than 0.3% THC) [...]

Could South Korea become the first Asian country to legalise medical cannabis?

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The Act on the Management of Narcotic Drugs has passed the preliminary stage in South Korea’s National Assembly The Act will permit citizens to be prescribed medical cannabis for epilepsy, cancer and HIV/AIDs Foreign citizens will now be allowed to import approved cannabinoid-based products if there are no alternatives. Cultivation and importation of [...]

Leading Police and Crime Commissioner believes “sensible discussion” needed on cannabis in the UK

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Hardyal Dhindsa, PCC for Derbyshire, “impressed” by UK’s increasing numbers of cannabis clubs Dhindsa joins a growing number of PCCs calling for a rethink on cannabis laws in the UK 100s of cannabis clubs have been founded in the UK in recent years The British Government rejects all advise to decriminalise or legalise [...]

Cannabis based drugs: how will they be used in practice in the UK?

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Medical cannabis was legalised for doctors to prescribe on 1 November But who will be able to issue these products, for what conditions, and what’s the evidence? In this article, we will provide a clear guide to the new regulations and how it will affect patients in Britain who want to access medical cannabis [...]

Thousands of severely ill children abandoned by British Government’s Medical Cannabis guidelines

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Early November headlines in the UK press raved about how ‘medical cannabis is now legally available on the NHS.’ Official guidelines from the NHS detailed how The Government “announced plans to reschedule certain cannabis-based products for medicinal use, and has laid regulations in Parliament to that effect.” While British patients waiting for relief can [...]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Medical Cannabis Oil Tincture

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Do you need access to medicinal cannabis?  Could you be making full spectrum cannabis tinctures? Here, we provide a detailed, step by step guide to safely making your own cannabis oil tincture at home For thousands of years, long before pharmaceutical companies such as GW Pharmaceuticals or Tilray, communities across the globe have [...]