Cannabis based drugs: how will they be used in practice in the UK?

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Medical cannabis was legalised for doctors to prescribe on 1 November But who will be able to issue these products, for what conditions, and what’s the evidence? In this article, we will provide a clear guide to the new regulations and how it will affect patients in Britain who want to access medical cannabis [...]

Thousands of severely ill children abandoned by British Government’s Medical Cannabis guidelines

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Early November headlines in the UK press raved about how ‘medical cannabis is now legally available on the NHS.’ Official guidelines from the NHS detailed how The Government “announced plans to reschedule certain cannabis-based products for medicinal use, and has laid regulations in Parliament to that effect.” While British patients waiting for relief can [...]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Medical Cannabis Oil Tincture

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Do you need access to medicinal cannabis?  Could you be making full spectrum cannabis tinctures? Here, we provide a detailed, step by step guide to safely making your own cannabis oil tincture at home For thousands of years, long before pharmaceutical companies such as GW Pharmaceuticals or Tilray, communities across the globe have [...]

Medical cannabis could be available on prescription to UK patients “within a month”

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Medical cannabis could be available on prescription in the UK within a month Cannabinoid medications have previously only been available on a case by case basis, reserved for “exceptional circumstances” Patients will no longer be forced to try other drugs before using cannabinoid treatments Medical cannabis could be available to patients in the [...]

Channel 4 Invites cannabis consumers to participate in new Amsterdam-based show: The Drugs Café

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Channel 4 is inviting “adults of all ages and backgrounds to take marijuana, sometimes for the first time.” The show will be based in Amsterdam and will investigate “explore the taboos around cannabis” following a recent surge in national interest around the plant Applicants must be over 18 Channel 4 is offering the [...]

Thailand Police Hand over 100kg of Cannabis to Help Increase Quality of Medical Cannabis Research

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Police in Thailand handed over 100kg of seized cannabis to medical researchers on Tuesday, 25 September The quality of the seized cannabis is higher and of greater variety to aid researchers in finding which strains suit certain medical conditions The chairman of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization said this was not a step towards [...]

“Cannabis saved my life”: American Grandmother loses over 10 stone using cannabis oil

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Jenice Gutierrez weighed over 20 stone before using cannabis oil The mother of 3 now weighs less than 10 stone Pharmaceutical medications caused Jenice’s incredible weight gain The grandmother is being forced to leave her family home for her family’s safety An American grandmother has lost over 10 stone (151 pounds) thanks to [...]

Update: Alfie Dingle One Step Closer to Legal Medical Cannabis License

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The Home Office have agreed to a granting a “compassionate license” application to Alfie Dingle It is still unclear whether the Home Office can legally grant the license Alfie suffers untreatable epilepsy, suffering 100s of seizures a week without cannabis Hannah, Alfie’s Mum, handed a 380,000-strong petition to Downing Street MPs and celebrities, [...]

Dee Mani: “Cannabis oil, Not CBD, Saved Me,” Cancer Survivor Furious at Media Misreporting Her Story

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Dee Mani’s story made headlines earlier this year after she cured her breast cancer with full-spectrum cannabis oil The brave British mother refused chemotherapy, opting to use only one drop of cannabis oil a day Alt-Right medias, such The Daily Mail, have been accused of mispresenting her story Articles claim the mother used [...]

How Changing Technology is Impacting the Medical Cannabis Market

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With more and more Countries and States legalising cannabis, businesses need to find innovative new ways of keeping up with the increased demand Kate Harveston investigates how Tech companies are revolutionising the way cannabis patients and customers source and purchase legal medicinal and recreational cannabis Written by Kate Harveston Have you ever heard [...]