Update: Alfie Dingle One Step Closer to Legal Medical Cannabis License

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The Home Office have agreed to a granting a “compassionate license” application to Alfie Dingle It is still unclear whether the Home Office can legally grant the license Alfie suffers untreatable epilepsy, suffering 100s of seizures a week without cannabis Hannah, Alfie’s Mum, handed a 380,000-strong petition to Downing Street MPs and celebrities, [...]

Dee Mani: “Cannabis oil, Not CBD, Saved Me,” Cancer Survivor Furious at Media Misreporting Her Story

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Dee Mani’s story made headlines earlier this year after she cured her breast cancer with full-spectrum cannabis oil The brave British mother refused chemotherapy, opting to use only one drop of cannabis oil a day Alt-Right medias, such The Daily Mail, have been accused of mispresenting her story Articles claim the mother used [...]

How Changing Technology is Impacting the Medical Cannabis Market

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With more and more Countries and States legalising cannabis, businesses need to find innovative new ways of keeping up with the increased demand Kate Harveston investigates how Tech companies are revolutionising the way cannabis patients and customers source and purchase legal medicinal and recreational cannabis Written by Kate Harveston Have you ever heard [...]

New research finds medical cannabis “significantly safer” for elderly patients than opioid medication

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Israeli researchers have found strong evidence that medical cannabis is “significantly safer” for elderly patients than pharmaceutical medication 94% of respondents reported improvement in their condition and reduced pain levels Nearly 20% of participants reduced or completely stopped their use of opioid medication A new study has found medical cannabis to be significantly [...]

Research proves alcohol more damaging to brain than cannabis

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Research from University of Colorado finds alcohol does more damage to brain than cannabis Cannabis does not impact grey and white matter in the brain, even after years of use, unlike alcohol Alcohol significantly lowers volumes of brain tissue In 2015, there were 8,758 alcohol-related deaths in the UK There has yet to [...]

Virginia Votes Unanimously to Expand Access to Medical Cannabis

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The medical marijuana bill passed 40-0 in Virginia’s Senate A similar bill passed 98-0 in the House The Bills allow physicians to prescribe cannabis oil containing CBD/THC-a for medical purposes Virginia’s previous Medical Marijuana law only allowed patients with intractable epilepsy to be prescribed CBD oil Medical cannabis campaign group, NORML, was instrumental [...]

Cannabis and Chronic Pain: How CBD Can Help Manage Pain

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Cannabidiol (CBD) has been reported by many new users to help manage their chronic pain  We look into the "new health craze" to find out how it is helping patients both with their symptoms and their addictions to dangerous pharmaceutical medications Words by Jessica Jones Opioid abuse and overdose claimed an estimated 64,000 [...]

What is CBD?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive chemical in cannabis It is associated with many of the plant's medicinal properties It is legal to buy and sell in the UK as a "food supplement" This article will help explain how CBD works in the human body Many would argue that cannabis owes the majority of [...]

American children’s hospital to launch study into medical cannabis and autism

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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia will launch their study into the effects of medical marijuana on children with autism next year Australian biopharmaceutical company Zelda Therapeutics is funding the research Erica Daniels, founder of Hope Grows for Autism and mother of an autistic child, helped secure the partnership 1 in 150 8-year-olds in the [...]

Professor David Nutt: “Why We Should Decriminalise Personal Possession Of All Drugs”

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Professor David Nutt is coming to Manchester to talk about the benefits of decriminalising drugs in the UK The former chief drug advisor to the British Government was dismissed for calling for the legalisation of medical cannabis Professor Nutt has published 400 original research papers, a similar number of reviews and books chapters, [...]