Colorado Invests In Medical Marijuana Research

Ever since medical marijuana was first introduced to the scene in California, things haven’t exactly been going well. The amount of raids all over Los Angeles has eventually become an example on how not to implement medical marijuana regulations. Because of California’s numerous raids, it seemed that the image of marijuana would remain tarnished forever. However, with the development of the Internet, people all over the world can now share experiences with each other in real time. Because of that, numerous medical marijuana testimonials have been clogging up YouTube during the last ten years. They all talk about medical marijuana being the cure for a number of diseases.

A Billion Dollar Industry

Medical marijuana is a billion dollar industry and not a lot of money is being poured into the research side of the business. Colorado is about to change that since it is about to invest $8 million into medical marijuana research. We couldn’t be more excited. We always believed that the evolution of this wonderful plant is highly dependable on research and yet we very rarely hear about millions being invested in medical marijuana. Hopefully, Washington and other states will follow Colorado’s example and cultivate an investment culture of their own. An Australian company recently made its first IPO stating that a significant percentage of IPO money would be going into marijuana research.


However, to be even more specific, all of that money is going into researching the effects of marijuana on people with Parkinson’s disease, posttraumatic stress disorder and epilepsy. To be fair, that makes perfect sense since this is where marijuana has showed some astonishing results. There are cases where people with epilepsy have had the number of monthly seizures reduced to a bare minimum.

The number of veterans that benefit from medical marijuana usage is also on the rise. People suffering from Parkinson’s disease usually have to deal with tremors. This is where medical marijuana research comes in since cannabis could be used to alleviate those tremors. Some of the funding would be spent on researching whether marijuana could alleviate symptoms of children who suffer from brain tumors. The rest of the funding would be spent on researching the effects of marijuana on people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and whether cannabis could act as a replacement for Oxycodone.

Colorado Has A Long Term Plan

If Colorado hadn’t legalized recreational marijuana, it would hardly be able to invest $8 million into medical marijuana research. However, there are plenty of companies that are only looking to grab a quick buck and run away. Those who are looking at this industry as an ongoing business are the ones who will be most successful at it since they will be looking more into development, research and innovation when it comes to their cannabis products. That is why we hope Colorado will serve as a great example not only to California, Washington and every other state that has legalized medical marijuana but to private companies as well.