No Link Between Marijuana Usage and Depression

Teens-And-Marijuana-Study-665x385Talking about marijuana is tricky. You never know what kind of information will pop up during the conversation. On one hand, marijuana is a heavily under researched drug. On the other hand, the amount of rumors and urban legends that surround marijuana is insane. There are literally thousands of different opinions on marijuana usage and none of them are set in stone. Some people say it cures cancer, some say it will cure your epilepsy, other say your IQ will become lower if you smoke it on a daily basis, etc. There are so many rumors out there that even when a research study is actually released to the public, most people don’t even bother reading it because they do find rumors to be set in stone.

Marijuana Doesn’t Lead To Depression

For instance, not that long ago, a study came out that guarantees marijuana would turn you into a schizophrenic, especially if you have schizophrenic tendencies (whatever that means). Needless to say, the results of that research are a bit far fetched, as well as the methodology of the entire study. Well, recently, another study came out and it definitely doesn’t support the rumor that marijuana usage leads to major depression disorder or bipolar disorder. In fact, the truth can’t be further from it. However, the researchers did find that if you are suffering from any of those two conditions, that marijuana usage is likely to occur as a self-medication method.

Naturally, those results definitely make sense. There are plenty of people out there who self medicate fro psychological problems. Even with relatively minor problems such as insomnia, we would always rather recommend a good indica strain than a bunch of sleeping pills. And that’s where weed should be most efficient – when dealing with psychological problems. There are plenty of strains out there that have a fantastic effect on people battling depression. Some of the strains that work really well are Amber Ice, Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies, the latter being quite popular in medical marijuana circles.

A Heavily Under Researched Drug

However, as mentioned earlier, marijuana is a heavily under researched drug. Everything that we have learned so far was based only on available research and that might soon change because the nature of research is that it sometimes comes up with contradictory results, which is why we need more of it. The more conclusive research is, the better informed are cannabis users. In fact, if it wasn’t for heavy duty research, we wouldn’t even know which strain is good for certain illnesses. Today, there are more than a few strains efficient for fighting depression. They don’t necessarily all have to be sativa’s either. There are more than a few hybrids and indicas on the market that are quite successful in battling depression. Some of the most recent strains that come to mind are: Super Lemon Haze, Trainwreck (not as bad as it sounds) , Super Silver Haze, Lamb’s Bread, to name a few.