Hero British Mother “Saved” Severely Brain Damaged Child with Medical Cannabis

  • Louis Bostock has been legally treating her severely brain-damaged daughter, Jayla, for 2 years with cannabis oil
  • The niece of Aston Villa footballer Gabby Agbonlahor is the UK’s youngest legally approved Class B drug user
  • Louise has no become an active member in the medical cannabis community, helping to source medication for patients like Jayla
  • “If Jayla can be helped by this beautiful plant then why can’t other children? Why?”

Heroic British mother, Louise Bostock, who has been legally treating her severely disabled daughter with cannabis oil, has spoken out about the unjust cannabis laws in the UK.

Jayla, 6, suffers from severely debilitating brain damage, became the UK’s youngest legal cannabis patient two years ago, after her mother won over local medical and law authorities.

Born a normal, healthy child, Jayla began suffering intractable seizures shortly before her first birthday.

Cannabis patient
Jayla Bostock in intensive care before medical cannabis

Doctors were unable to diagnose the dying child, prescribing her a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs which left the young girl in a comatose state. Louise explained how these drugs were negatively impacting her daughter’s health and well-being:

“Just before her first Birthday she started to seizure. The Doctor’s initially thought it was epilepsy, and prescribed her lots of drugs.

“At one point the drugs caused her to have a cardiac arrest! Jayla over-dosed on Phenobarbitone and had to spend 5 days in intensive care.

“With cannabis, there is none of this!”

Louise and Jayla after cannabis treatment

Desperate for a solution, Louise finally turned to medical marijuana after doctors at Birmingham Children’s Hospital revealed Jayla was resistant to conventional medication.

“What do you do when there’s no hope?” Louise explained. “Wouldn’t you do everything for your child in the same situation?”

Louise noticed an immediate improvement in Jayla’s quality of life after first trying medical cannabis:“Before cannabis, Jayla used to be

“Before cannabis, Jayla used to be hospitalised every three or four weeks with seizures. Now she can go months without one.

“She’s smiling and happy and has so much more life. She used to be comatose and sleep all day.

“Now, she watches TV with a smile on her face. I heard her laugh out loud for the first time, can you imagine!”

Jayla’s success with medical cannabis has inspired Louise to help other desperate parents and patients across the UK access the medical herb.

“Lots of people come to me for help, so I help to source people the oil and offer it to them.

“If you have no options left, if you have no hope, you have to at least try! If you don’t, you’ll never know if it can help!

“A lot of people are scared to try it or don’t know about it. That needs to change.

“Cannabis is such a beautiful plant, but it is being held back by our Government. Why is it being held back? If my child can have it, why not other children? Why!?

“How many children and people are dying, being given morphine, and just being drugging up? There are so many cases in the UK,” Louise added, explaining her frustration of the legal status of cannabis in the UK.

“Why is it so freely available to American parents?

“It’s a human right! I want to go to the High Court.”

Louise’s story has already inspired parents of severely ill children to seek her out for advice and help.

“…you don’t have to be a doctor to save someone’s life.”
– Louise Bostock

“A father from wales, who’s daughter is dying in a hospice, met me last night to get his daughter some oil. She is dying and being prescribed Midazolam, but it is not working and she is still having seizures.

“Neither the doctors of the father know what to do. I just told him to look for hope and wean her off those terrible drugs!”

Campaigning for access to medical cannabis has become a calling for the courageous mother of two:

Medical marijuana child patient
Jayla two years into medical marijuana treatment

“I always knew I was brought to Earth for a reason. I just want to carry on helping as many people as possible.

“Well, it’s Jayla’s calling, and I’m her voice!”

Asked whether she was worried about the negative stigma attached to medical marijuana, Louise laughed the suggestion off:

“I just ask skeptics: ‘What if something happens to child?’

“Look, I’m not a medical professional. Not at all. But you don’t have to be a doctor to save someone’s life.”

The UK needs more courageous parents and patients to speak out to help the British Government understand that cannabis does have medicinal properties and that it is helping thousands of patients in the UK.

Louise risked everything to save her daughter. The social services and local police were called after she admitted to Jayla’s nurses that her miraculous recovery was due to medical marijuana.

“At first, I thought I was going to lose her.

“Now, she is legally allowed to consume Sacred Kanna cannabis oil from Holland.”

As more and more cannabis success stories are brought to the national conversation, how much longer can the British Government ignore the scientific evidence and human right to be healthy?

Next week the UPA have organised Patients at Parliament protest. We encourage all medical patients and activists to make it down to London on 10th October to make your voice heard!