Jim: Cannabis, Diabetes and PTSD

Ailment: Diabetes & PTSD
Ingestion Method: Smoke, eat raw and bake.

Bio: I’m a disabled veteran that has suffered from many conditions all service related. The VA gave me many drugs to control my pain and sleep and other problems. It was all killing me!

I read a little bit about how Marijuana could help and so I started to use and grow it myself.

No more pain from my diabetes; goodbye to Neuropathy Pain!

Say goodbye to sleepless nights. Say goodbye to that wheelchair because I can walk now.

Say goodbye to most of my PTSD conditions. I can sleep and dream again. Pleasant dreams!

I feel better now than I have in years. I also have been enjoying making juice out of the leaves and mixing it with apple juice. This way I can use during the day and not feel any effects of THC as it’s in it’s Acid form raw. THC-A will not get you high and it only turns into THC after you heat it.

So if you don’t want to get high eat it or juice it without the heat and you can take as much as you like without the effects of getting high. Also, no side effects or strange things going on with this.

I’ve been able to quit taking all my pain medication.