Laurence – Cannabis and Autism

Ailment: Autism
Ingestion Method:

Bio: 29 year old sufferer of Autism

I have used cannabis since I was 16, which I found was the best thing I ever did for the symptoms of my autism.
I have used many liquids and tablets, all of which either didn’t work or made me a zombie. I can be socially awkward, and my temper has always been an issue, which can get me so wound up. I end up hitting myself in my legs or head, or I self harm with various objects.
Since using cannabis, I can go out and talk to people, work in busy environments, and my self worth goes up, as well as not getting my meltdowns or self harming.

I think its wrong. There’s not enough done to help people with autism. There is no medicine, apart from cannabis, that genuinely helps with the condition. I shouldn’t have to sit and meltdown or self harm, which really ruins my life when this natural medicine should be given to me by a doctor, or I should be allowed to grow a couple of plants for my own personal and medical use.

Besides my autism, cannabis helps me with depression, anxiety, eating and sleeping.

Thank you cannabis ?

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