Study Suggests Cannabigerol May Prevent Colon Cancer

Marijuana is a vastly under researched territory. All that we have heard on the topic of medical marijuana in the last twenty years was rarely substantiated by scientific research. There’s a myriad of reasons why that is so, none of which are worth going into detail at this very moment. However, during the last couple of years, medical marijuana research has taken an upswing, mainly because of the born again marijuana industry. And we should take some time to appreciate that, as this is a plant that could save hundreds of thousands of people.

Since cannabis is not that well researched, there are a myriad of compounds within the plant that might serve some purpose one way or another. For a while, it was believed that THC is key in fighting cancer. Scientists soon realized that CBD is a much more important factor when fighting cancer. Some companies even went so far as to breed a CBD only strain. Then again, THC is fantastic with chemotherapy patients as it improves their appetite. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to separate compounds and figure out which works best for what but sometimes the entire plant seems to provide it all in one go, that’s why cannabis oil is being hailed as a miracle drug.

A Miracle Drug

We already know the miracle-like effects cannabis has, especially in fighting cancer. So it comes as no surprise that scientists have discovered another cannabis compound that seems to be highly effective in fighting colon cancer. To be perfectly clear, it prevents the progression of colon cancer. The compounds name is Cannabigerol (CBG). The research study appeared in the Oxford journal Carcinogenesis and was recently made public by the National Institute of Health. The compound seems to be non-psychotropic, so maybe we can expect CBG only strains in the future?

The obvious advantage of this compound is that it is specifically aimed at the actual creation of cancer cells. To quote the researchers: “in vivo, CBG inhibited the growth of xenograft tumors as well as chemically-induced colon carcinogenesis. CBG hampers colon cancer progression in vivo and selectively inhibits the growth of colorectal cancer cells.”

CBG Efficiency

To translate the aforementioned quote, it seems that CBG is quite effective in preventing colon cancer because, unlike chemotherapy, it doesn’t aim at “the good cells”, only the radically bad. They also add that CBG should definitely be implemented in the prevention of colorectal cancer and should be considered as a cure as well. Why CBG has been tested specifically on colon cancer and not other cancers remains unclear. However, this is certainly refreshing news because every company so far has yielded positive results. Let us remind you that cannabis has so far yielded excellent results in preventing cancer, dealing with chemotherapy side-effects, ALS, epilepsies, AIDS, and a myriad of other diseases. Naturally, every pharmaceutical company on the planet would like to patent this wonderful plant but that can’t be done for now since you can’t claim copyrights on a product of nature.

by M.B