THC ‘Reducing Trauma in Brain Injuries’

As the green wave of marijuana legalization sweeps across the US, it has become much more lucrative to dive into proper research of medical marijuana. These days we have a research study coming out almost every week unlike before when all we heard every day was a new raid going down somewhere in California. Keep in mind that cannabis was always a very controversial drug. Even today, it is so heavily under researched we wouldn’t advise just anybody to get their hands on it. However, if you are a patient suffering from a chronic condition, you are advised to do anything you can to help yourself lead a normal life.

Research Studies

Some research studies have shown that marijuana can be a great drug if enjoyed infrequently and after the age of twenty-five because around that age your brain is pretty much fully formed. Sure, some studies say thirty, some say eighteen but the most recent ones show twenty-five as the median brain development age so we will stick with that. If you are a teenager that’s heavily reliant on recreational marijuana, that is probably not going to end well, especially if you toke three to ten joints a day. However, not that we want to induce recreational marijuana enjoyment, but a new research study provided by the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute has shown that people who have THC in their bodies have less of a chance of dying from trauma brain injuries than those who don’t have an indication of cannabis in their body.

Clinical Trials

Even though at first that sounds completely insane, they actually studied injuries on a sample of 446 patients and they have all been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries. Their urine samples were tested and the results were pretty astonishing. 82 patients had THC on their medical results and just about 2.4% of those patients have succumbed to those injuries and died. Compare that to 11.5% of other 364 and you realize this wasn’t just a coincidence; it was something really worth digging your teeth into. And before you say: “but maybe their injuries differed greatly when compared to one another”, let us stop you right there because they didn’t. All injuries were very similar in scope so that makes the findings extremely relevant.

Animal Research

An animal study was done and it showed the same results. The thing with marijuana, however under researched it may be, is that there are compounds within the plant that act as a protector of the brain and animals clearly showed eerily similar results. The study was obviously done in a strictly clinical setting and serves as a terrific grounds for future research. The pace of research is picking up very quickly so we believe exciting times are ahead for marijuana research, albeit in the scope of medical or recreational marijuana – or both. For instance, the Israeli company Tikun Olam is also serving as a fine example by producing the first CBD only strain that has had a huge impact in the medical marijuana community.

by M.B