Carita: CBD Oil and Cancer

Carita: CBD Oil and Cancer

Ailment: Cancer
Ingestion Method: CBD Oil under the tongue

Bio:A Swedish woman who used CBD Oil in the treatment of her Cancer.

It began with being diagnosed with breast cancer, then thyroid cancer, and it progressed to brain metastases. I had a total of 22 operations. In my second to last surgery I had two pieces of large brain tumours removed by emergency surgery which took about 9 hours.

After a few months, I started to feel bad again – really bad. I could not walk without help, my speech was slurred and I had vertigo again, and received chemotherapy. I was terribly sick from the chemo, as well as cramps in the body, so I was admitted again and received another chemotherapy. I came home after a week, but did not feel good in my body at all. Several times my boyfriend found me lying on the floor, I could not move, I had bad cramps in the body and the hospital sent me to Stockholm to receive a gamma knife radiation which I never did before, it was super terrible.

Then they drilled down a position in the head to measure out exactly where the tumors sat with longitude and latitude. That’s how I found out I had 21 pieces of brain tumors, and they could not gamma knife beam me because there were too many. The doctor said you can go home. I went home and my doctor and I talked. The doctor said that I had only 2-4 years left to live, and that all they could do was give me chemo until everything is over.

Whilst in hospital for another set of chemo, because I got a death sentence, they sent a psychologist round. The psychologist said: “Carita, you must learn to live with death approaching”. I told him to immediately leave the room, it was not something I needed to hear. A few days later, I sat at the computer and wrote on Facebook about my story. Someone got in touch with me and they suggested that I take cannabis oil. I googled trying to find out as much information as possible, but I had a problem, I did not know if I dared to take it up with the doctor. I did not want to do anything behind the back of my doctor.

Eventually I told the doctor that I would try the oil, and asked them to continue my chemotherapy treatment.

I tried to find a reputable seller abroad, but found that it was incredibly difficult and many were dishonest, they just wanted the money. After a lot of fuss, I found a doctor in Germany who could speak fluent Swedish. I phoned him and asked him if I was really on the right path with taking CBD oil. He replied: “You are on the right path” and told me how I should take it. I felt safe with the news.

My partner went to the Netherlands, and we ordered a few bottles of oil.

In the beginning I ordered a CBD oil from Holland. It contained only 2% of the CBD. I wanted to have one a bit stronger, and even with a bit of THC in it, but that is not permitted in Sweden. I wrote to my friend and she said that there is a place in England that has a strong CBD based oil. Since July 2015 I have ordered a CBD oil from England.

I started taking a 12% CBD extract oil in July 2015. It’s a full spectrum extract so it contains much more goodness than just CBD.

I have not experienced any side effects of the CBD oil. The only thing is that I gained a little weight. I have felt extremely well with CBD oil in comparison to how I felt before. I was barely able to walk by myself and was so helpless – it was tough.

Overall, I feel super good in my body and for the first time, have a lot of goals in front of me . Everything can be changed, and I might get the tumours back, but as it is now – no brain tumours at all left , so it is healed. I feel amazing !!!!!!!!!!! And I’m just soooo relieved. I will probably never dare to stop taking the CBD oil, it gives my body so much energy , and I believe it helps me to keep cancer away.

Many in the hospital were against me when I said I would take CBD oil, but many were also with me and supported me.

In Sweden, it is illegal to take THC, but CBD is permitted. When I was sent oil from the Netherlands with 0.15% THC, customs seized the oil and interrogated me. When they found out why I took the oil, they wished me good luck, but kept all the oil from me that I had ordered. They had never heard that one can take cannabis oil against cancer. But I had all the papers from the hospital, so they saw that it was true, everything I said. So I am a little afraid to take the THC again, even though I know I could use a bit of THC.

This is my story. I hope it will help others.

Barbara: Spastic Colitis and CBD Oil

Barbara: Spastic Colitis and CBD Oil

Ingestion Method: CBD Oil under the tongue

Bio: I am an oncology massage therapist and founder of Brighton Wellbeing, a natural health clinic based in Brighton, UK, which adopts an integrated healthcare approach to health.

I was born with spastic colitis and I have been suffering from systemic candida for at least 12 years. Candida has produced many side effects in my body (uterine fibroid), my mind (anxiety, mood swings, worries, chattering mind, fogginess, lack of focus) and my spirit (lack of self-esteem and self-confidence). Nevertheless I have been functioning all the way, achieving a lot in life but struggling along, looking for the tiger around the corner all the time.

I know that I needed something which would tackle my being on a cellular level to help me regulate all the systems in the body and return to a state of joy, health and contentment. I am now using CBD Oil.

The only side effect is a change in my bowel movements. I feel a bit constipated, but it may be due to the fact that I need to detox and expel all the toxins that surely are circulating now that my immune system is becoming stronger and is destroying unwanted bacteria, fungi and microbes.

Kate: Juicing Cannabis Healed My Rheumatoid Arthritis

Kate: Juicing Cannabis Healed My Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ailment: Arthritis
Ingestion Method: Juice

Bio: Author and Activist.

About a year ago I could barely move. Doing everyday activities such as walking, dressing myself, and even using a toilet was extremely difficult and painful. I was suffering from a severe autoimmune disease known as rheumatoid arthritis. Like most diseases, it was progressively getting worse. I kept seeking a natural solution while simultaneously taking prescription drugs just to survive.

After a while, I considered getting a medical marijuana card so that I could smoke cannabis in hopes of alleviating some of my pain and, in turn, cut down on the number of pharmaceuticals I was taking. That’s when a friend told me about juicing cannabis. She told me that if you juice the leaf and/or bud of the raw, unheated plant, it can eliminate chronic pain and even put many diseases into long-term remission.

I did some research and learned that there is a doctor in Northern California who started the burgeoning juicing movement in 2007. Dr. William Courtney, M.D., and his wife Kristen Courtney have founded Cannabis International (see the video at the bottom of the home page of After seeing Dr. Courtney myself, it took a while for me to actually obtain a large enough bag of leaf to give the juicing experiment a try. Once I finally did, I had enough to juice for about a month.

After just a few days of drinking the juice mixed in a smoothie, I was able to eliminate all of my pharmaceuticals. Today, ten months later, I’m still pharmaceutical-free and almost in complete remission from RA. I drink cannabis juice smoothies daily and because the plant hasn’t been heated up or dried out, it does not get me high. I have written a book called Juicing Cannabis for Healing: How I Achieved Almost Complete Remission of Chronic Pain by Juicing Fresh, Raw Marijuana Leaf.

The biggest obstacles to patients who wish to try juicing are:

1) where to obtain the leaf to juice and

2) how to do it without getting into legal trouble.

In my book, I talk about how to obtain the leaf, which is not very easy to do at the moment. But ultimately I encourage patients to learn how to grow their own medicine. And the reason for this is that is it best to juice high CBD strains and also you need to know if your leaf has touched a grow light or if it has been sprayed with pesticides. People with compromised immune systems do not need to be ingesting carcinogenic chemicals with their medicine. When you grow it yourself, you control these factors. Plus, other people, as well meaning as they may be, can let you down. Maybe they will give or sell their leaf to someone else when you are counting on it. Or maybe their crop will get spider mites. If you learn how to become a master grower, you’ll have a much better chance of always having the medicine when you need it.

In my opinion, there is not a more medicinally healing plant on our earth. Marijuana is being called a panacea by some top people in the industry. It has evolved with us for about 34 million years. Before the prohibition, cannabis was prescribed regularly by doctors. Terpenes and cannabinoids are the main constituents of cannabis which are responsible for its unparalleled healing abilities. Cannabinoids are also found in breast milk but other than cannabis they are only found in limited quantities in a few places in the plant kingdom such as in Echinacea and flax.

As the revolution towards full legalization continues, my hope is that policymakers:

1) allow citizens to grow their own medicine and

2) allow for a generous number of plants per patient in order to make juicing possible.

If our voices and votes count, the power is in our hands. Spread the word and educate your friends and politicians. One day there will be no need to fear disease because there is a plant that has been put here on this earth for our healing, our enlightenment, and our pleasure.

Neil: Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis

Neil: Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis

Ailment: Multiple Sclerosis
Ingestion Method:

Bio: Age 47, Scotland.

I have been using Cannabis since I was eighteen. Since then I have always had a strange feeling but never thought much about it.

In 2002, I went to a Doctor who thought I had had a stroke. After tests and and an MRI scan, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

In 2012, I had a bad seizure, the type of which only 2% recover from and in 2013 I was diagnosed with melanoma. I know, through my research, that cannabis can help with all of these conditions.

I use my own, home grown Northern Lights and have been tried three times and admonished in the Scottish Courts for personally growing four plants.

I will continue to use cannabis for my condition, as it works better than what the doctors were giving me.

James: Cannabis and Cancer

James: Cannabis and Cancer

Ailment: Chondroid Syringoma
Ingestion Method: Smoking

Bio: 30 year old father of three medical cannabis user.

When I was 17, I found a lump in my right foot. It was biopsied and I was told it was non malignant (non cancerous).

Over the next couple of years I had recurring pain in my leg and foot which Doctors said was Achilles strain and offered physio. It was at this appointment that the physio said they didn’t think it the diagnosis was correct, so I went to a Podiatrist at Stanmore hospital in London for a second opinion.

It was here when I was 19 that I was told that I had 6/7 malignant tumours in my right foot, 3 in my right tibia, 1 in my left knee and metastatic spread in my lungs. The Doctor then asked for a slide of my first tumour that was removed and found it to be the same type and malignancy, meaning the first Doctor two years prior had been very wrong.

The cancer I have is chondroid syringoma of the skin and bone with metastatic spread to my lungs. It is a type of sarcoma. I was told I had 6 weeks left to live unless I gave treatment a go but even then I had a slim chance. Well, that was Christmas Eve 2014 and I’m still here and this is the story of why I believe I have now survived this long.

After having 5 months worth of chemotherapy and radiotherapy which I was told had slowed my cancer but not killed it, they had to stop as the treatment itself would have ended up making me worse as I had all the bad side affects.

At this point, I had been a regular smoker of cannabis recreationally for 8 years but due to having lung cancer, thought it prudent to give up. From this point, I tried numerous strong controlled drugs for pain relief prescribed by my Doctor. When I say numerous, mean over 20 different prescription drugs. Nothing helped.

At this stage, I thought about smoking cannabis again. I was in less pain and I was less depressed when I was using it before. I found another drug called Oxycontin through my Doctor and the two worked perfectly together for me. Because of possible detrimental effects to our lungs from smoking, my Doctor asked me to try Sativex oramucasol spray instead.

The only way that Sativex worked (due to my level of pain) was when I had around 18 sprays per day. This was no good as it is far too much and it was giving me side effects similar to being drunk from alcohol. My Doctor saw this and suggested to smoke, it if that is what I find helps best.

I am now on methadone (purely pain relief) as it is less addictive than Oxycontin and generally has less side effects. The other good thing about smoking cannabis to coincide with my methadone is that not only is it helping my pain and mind state, it also helps with the unwanted side effects that I do get from the methadone. It has always helped to prevent me feeling sick, which in turn helps me to eat properly.

I also believe that cannabis has helped prolong my life and along with the chemo helped slow my illness down. To give you some kind of scope, I smoke about an 3.5 grams of strong cannabis every 2 to 3 days using bong (I don’t enjoy joints and find it to be better on my body).

I was told three times after my chemo that I was infertile and not long after my wife fell pregnant so we have been blessed with 3 miracle boys.

I hope this has given you a little insight into how cannabis has helped me.

Vanda: Cannabis and Depression

Vanda: Cannabis and Depression

Ailment: Depression
Ingestion Method: CBD Oil

Bio: I’m Vanda, I’m 62 and I live in London, UK.

I’m Vanda and live in London. I suffered for 10 years with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and felt generally very low during the winter months, staying at home and not very cheerful or active. So a friend mine suggested that I try CBD oil because my type of self medication was to roll many joints having had all this free time being at home with depression. And I wanted to change.

I took a CBD Blend oil. I would take drops in the morning and it would be hours and hours until I wanted a joint. Eventually I stopped smoking weed all together. The first time in 44 years.

I did not take any other prescription medication. Last year I had a blood test, just a general examination from my GP and the nurse accidentally went into my veins which created shock to my system and as a result they called an ambulance and I had to spend 24 hours under observation.

From the first contact with the ambulance medics and all the way through the other examinations by specialist doctors, I kept having to state ‘which chronic diseases I was suffering from and which medication I was taking’ considering that I am 62 years old.

My answer was none. The ambulance medics and the three doctors were all surprised that was not using any medication. They asked how, so I told them that the only medicinal thing I put in my hand and mouth is cannabis. The reaction of each one of them was identical. They simply said, “well, the reason you are not on any medication is because by taking cannabis, you take all the stress away and you save your organs and your health. That is why you don’t have chronic diseases.”

What I was really surprised about, was the similarity of all the comments, knowing that five or ten years ago, none of these doctors would have acknowledged that as a fact. And I was very pleased that they did.

I had two major benefits from taking CBD oil. Firstly I have not had seasonal depression since I started taking the oil and secondly, I stopped smoking cannabis all together. And I feel better and better every day.

I’m not even fidgety any more; I have almost more energy than I would like. I’m a granny, I should slow down, but I’m full of life!

I have since done some research about our endocannabinoid system and whilst I have no proof, it feels to me like I had a life long cannabinoid deficiency which is why I always wanted to smoke cannabis. However, since taking a quality CBD oil, my desire for cannabis is simply no longer there.

Ashley G: Cannabis and Aspergers

Ashley G: Cannabis and Aspergers

Ailment: Aspergers
Ingestion Method: Smoking

Bio: I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression for nearly all my life, and at age 13 was diagnosed with having Aspergers.

I’ve suffered from anxiety and (mild-ish) depression for nearly all my life, and at age 13 was officially diagnosed with having “High-Functioning Autism” or ‘Aspergers’, and “Generalized Anxiety Disorder” fast forward 10-or-so years, I’ve had doctors prescribe me with: Sertraline, Paroxatine and Fluoxetine.

I was also prescribed benzodiazepines in the form of:

Lorazepam and Diazepam.

Each one, and I really do mean each of these ‘medications’ made me feel like a numbed out, zombified shadow of my former self; I simply couldn’t function on them (and don’t even get me started on the horrendous side effects I experienced.)

To say that they didn’t help me would have been an understatement.

What’s worse is that I was developing an addiction to the ‘benzos’. Both psychologically and physically. If anyone knows what ‘benzo’ withdrawals can be like, you’ll know that they’re one the closest things to hell you can get. In fact, cited from wikipedia, “They are cited to be more hazardous to withdraw from than opiates.”

I’m now on a ‘maintenance dose’ of diazepam just to keep me out of withdrawal.

Now rewind back to October 2013, completely free from any anti-depressant/anti-anxiety. I had been trying every herbal ‘supplement’ out there that can be bought in the UK. From St. Johns Wort to chemicals that doctors haven’t even heard of.

NONE of them worked. And I was at my wits end. So I decided to do something which every doctor, shrink, psychiatrist and psychologist advised me not to use – CANNABIS.

Because of the brainwashing (and I don’t use that word lightly) from both the culture I was brought up in and the medical communities anti-pot propaganda (although thinking about it, they aren’t really separate), I would be lying to say I wasn’t nervous about trying it, but hey, I had absolutely nothing to lose, and if I didn’t like it, I just wouldn’t do it again.

So I decided to buy 4g of ‘Lemon Kush’. Having not tried anything before, the dealer recommended I tried this strain over the others as it was his only hybrid, and would give me a taster of both the Sativa and Indica side of things. (Turns out, I’m more of an Indica or Hybrid guy).

From the very first time I inhaled the herb (yes, I inhaled), smoked out of an apple carved into a bowl, the plants ability to relieve my symptoms became very apparent very quickly, and for any other medical users out there, I’m sure you can empathize.

I won’t go into the specifics, but in hind sight I can safely say that cannabis improved my quality of life beyond measure.

For an analogy, while on the pharmaceutical anti-depressants and anti-anxieties, my life seemed like a black and white grainy movie from the 1900’s. On cannabis, it’s technicolour and High Definition – colours were brighter, food tasted better, life was… just better!

The pharmaceuticals “worked” by numbing me into being an apathetic zombie. Cannabis worked by giving me a passion for life I didn’t even know existed.

Apart from helping with the depression and anxiety, one of the best things cannabis helps me personally with however, is empathy. Being on the autistic spectrum, I always found it hard to connect with people on an emotional level. I can’t even begin to describe how much cannabis helps in this regard, but lets just say that on cannabis I’ve felt emotions that I’ve never felt before – these emotions being (but not limited to) empathetic in nature. I’ve never felt so connected to the world around me in all it’s forms than when I was high.

It must be said, however, that like anything else, cannabis is a tool; to quote Joe Rogan, “you can use a hammer to build a house, or you can use it to bash yourself in the genitals”.

For myself, I used it as a tool to both manage my emotional problems and for introspection/self analysis – I found I had a much higher clarity of thought on what caused my emotional problems and how to deal with them when I’m high, and that introspection often transferred over even to when I was sober.

Of course, you can ‘abuse’ weed, just like you can abuse cheese burgers. I wouldn’t advise it, but it’s your life and your body. I don’t have to agree with your life choices, but I don’t have a right to dictate my morality over yours. Your body, your rules.

(I’d also wager abusing cheese burgers is a lot more damaging to ones health than abusing weed, but that’s a whole other discussion).

I’m just happy to be living in a time where cannabis laws are being reformed left right and centre, legalisation has already happened in two states, legislation bills are all of the sudden popping up all over the place. “Reefer Madness” is ending. From what’s happened in Colorado and Washington, Oregon etc…it would be naive to say legalization isn’t going to snowball. And let’s be honest, what happens in the US effects the rest of the world. Hopefully it happens in a place near you soon. (For me, that would be the UK.)

It might not happen over night, but as Roger Waters said, “The Tide is Turning”.

Please note, I’m not necessarily calling pharmaceuticals evil, as I know they can/do help a lot of people. The point of this post/rant is to outline how ridiculous it is that a harmless plant which improves the quality of life of so many people has the potential land you in prison, while drugs like opiates and benzos are handed out like candy by doctors, and alcohol can be purchased literally everywhere by everyone – especially when both of those drugs alone kill more people EACH DAY than cannabis has since its entire existence – and I’m glad more and more people are waking up to this reality with each passing day.

Hazel: Mobility Issues and CBD Oil

Hazel: Mobility Issues and CBD Oil

Ailment: Mobility Issues
Ingestion Method: Orally, under the tongue

Bio: I’m Hazel from Brighton. I was bitten by a tick in the groin about two years ago.

I’m Hazel from Brighton. I was bitten by a tick in the groin about two years ago. After that I suffered depression for about a month, was totally lethargic, no interest in anything, brain dead. But then I had acupuncture which lifted the depression. But then slowly my mobility in my hip started to decrease and I started to get pain when I was walking. Eventually there was very little muscle strength in my thighs anymore so I had to use a table to press myself up because my legs couldn’t support me to stand up by myself and taking first steps to get moving became increasingly difficult. I also tried osteopathy, homeopathy, had MRI scans, blood tests, electric muscle testing, everything came back normal and yet my hips got worse. On some days it was so bad I needed a walking stick.

I started with a CBD oil which was recommended by a friend who used it to successfully help with his asthma.I now can stand up without help again and walk much better.

In addition to improving my mobility, my general well being improved when using the CBD oil. My moods are more levelled out. I have teenage children and I used to get quite tense but now it floats over me. I don’t respond so much to adolescent anger by getting angry myself, but can deal with it more relaxed and definitely with a bit more humour.

I also have a decrease in desire for alcohol. I used to have a drink and want another one, but now I don’t seem to want another one.

I discussed my used of CBD oil with my doctor who was interested to hear where I got it from because another patient had been asking her for it. My doctor was supportive and wants to find out more about CBD herself.

Steve – Cannabis and Pain

Steve – Cannabis and Pain

Ailment: Pain
Ingestion Method: Cream and Oil

Bio: My name is Steve. I have been a painter/decorator and general builder for 35 years.

In my younger years nothing troubled me at all, I’ve been healthy my whole life. But in the last 5-10 years through the repetitiveness of my work, my shoulder joints, especially the right shoulder which gets the most stress from holding my hand high painting, a dull constant pain has been emerging. I now can only sleep lying on my side, I can’t lie on my back anymore as it’s very uncomfortable when sleeping.

A friend rubbed a CBD cream onto my shoulder and remarkable the next day the pain had gone. The next day I opened my own cream that I purchased and put it on my knees because when you are painting you spend a lot of time on your knees so they do hurt and also that pain was gone. I noticed that after a few days I have to use the cream again, but again just a small amount.

I’m now also using a high quality full extract hemp CBD oil. I can’t say much about it yet, except I sleep better and my general well-being seems to be improving. I’ve also let some other friends try and they also said they had the best night’s sleep in years. I don’t take it every day.

As a side effect, which I’m really happy about, I’m also reconnected to my dreams since I take the oil. I’ve been a heavy smoker for years, so I stopped dreaming and it’s nice to have some dreams again.

I’ve had no side effects, none at all. Great food supplement, definitely will keep in my cupboard forever.

Laurence – Cannabis and Autism

Laurence – Cannabis and Autism

Ailment: Autism
Ingestion Method:

Bio: 29 year old sufferer of Autism

I have used cannabis since I was 16, which I found was the best thing I ever did for the symptoms of my autism.
I have used many liquids and tablets, all of which either didn’t work or made me a zombie. I can be socially awkward, and my temper has always been an issue, which can get me so wound up. I end up hitting myself in my legs or head, or I self harm with various objects.
Since using cannabis, I can go out and talk to people, work in busy environments, and my self worth goes up, as well as not getting my meltdowns or self harming.

I think its wrong. There’s not enough done to help people with autism. There is no medicine, apart from cannabis, that genuinely helps with the condition. I shouldn’t have to sit and meltdown or self harm, which really ruins my life when this natural medicine should be given to me by a doctor, or I should be allowed to grow a couple of plants for my own personal and medical use.

Besides my autism, cannabis helps me with depression, anxiety, eating and sleeping.

Thank you cannabis ?